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Angel in My Arms

Siren Audio Studios Bucks the Trend in Audiobook Production With Its Own Formula to Create Artistic Audiobook Entertainment.

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Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Most people think of audiobooks as a single reader narrating a book word for word in linear fashion, with a splash of music at the beginning and end of the book; the vast majority of audiobooks are produced in this manner. And now a growing number of consumers are listening to books by simply activating computer-generated speech.

Technology has opened up new ways to listen to books, to—in effect—mass-produce audiobooks. However, technology has also made possible digital audio workstations that facilitate multi-layer editing and help producers create realistic sound fx and compose and mix music that make it possible for the production itself to play a significant role in the storytelling.

And that is precisely what gave rise to Siren Audio Studios; the idea that audiobooks could be produced as an art form. By adding the elements of imagination and intrepid experimentation to the general audiobook production formula, an ordinary audiobook becomes entertainment on par with other art forms such as cinema, live theatrical performances, concerts, etc.

For example, the latest release by Siren Audio Studios, “Symptoms of Death,” a Victorian mystery written by Paula Paul, a title that has been a bestselling mystery on Amazon and on Independent Bookseller lists, performed by actor/director/comedienne Jessica Osbourne, is an audiobook that defies the label “single reader narration.” Each of the characters—brilliantly depicted by Ms. Osbourne—was placed onto individual audio tracks in order to overlap the voices and thereby simulate a full cast performance. The process of individually tracking characters is not standard audiobook production, but “Symptoms of Death,” with its cast full of colorful characters merited and benefited from a higher production standard.

symptoms of death                     Angel in My Arms

All of Siren Audio Studios’ audiobooks were selected for production because they met the company’s mission to produce works that push boundaries. No project holds the title of pushing boundaries more so than “Angel in My Arms,” an audio romance written for Audio Drama by Sarah Storme (romance)/aka S.H. Baker (mystery). This production allowed Siren to experiment further. The voices of the hero and heroine—using both their dialogue and their unspoken feelings—and the hero’s deceased wife, were woven together to portray what was happening in real time, providing a much better understanding of the characters’ motivations. Most of the sound effects in this production, as in all Siren’s productions, were custom-made, and the entire production was scored to complement the romantic theme. These techniques go far beyond typical audiobook production, but it is the norm for Siren Audio Studios.

Whether it’s humor, romance, mystery, literary or non-fiction, every one of Siren’s productions has been tailored to fit the mood and style of the story to create a richer, more fulfilling experience. Most people are surprised to learn that the process for creating an artistic audiobook is identical to that of film production—adaptation of the story (as in “Angel in My Arms”), recording individual scenes, creating custom sound fx, editing the work, and then scoring it.

Some compare artistic audiobooks to old time radio theatre—a valid comparison, but audio theatre has evolved, just as the film industry has evolved from producing silent movies.

Traditional audiobook production and books made audible through computer-generated speech have an important place in the market. Ease of production creates greater availability of audio versions, allowing greater access to the content of books and making it easier for book readers in general to integrate book consumption into their busy schedules. The latter benefit lends credibility to the argument that reading a book is like listening to the book, and very often, the book reader himself won’t remember whether he read the book or heard the book.

However, that argument does not hold true for all audiobooks. Artistic production of audiobooks has an entirely different purpose. It exists to celebrate the art of storytelling by exploring new and better ways to experience the story aurally.

So herein lies the real difference between the majority of audiobook production and artistic production: Those who listen to an artistically produced audiobook aren’t likely to ever be confused about whether they read the book or heard the book. No. Their confusion will stem from not recalling if they heard the book or saw the movie.

Siren’s titles can be purchased on Amazon,, Audible, iTunes, Spoken Ink (UK), Google Play and through institutional distributors EBSCO, Midwest Tapes, and OverDrive.

To learn more about Siren’s productions or leave a comment about this article, please visit Siren Audio Studios.

To celebrate the release of “Symptoms of Death” and “Angel in My Arms” on Google Play, Siren Audio Studios is sponsoring several contests to give away free copies of the book. Hosted on Goodreads, entries for “Symptoms of Death” will be accepted until midnight August 15th, and “Angel in My Arms” until midnight August 21st.

More Than An Audiobook

Angel in My Arms

Many people hear the word “audiobook” and their mind immediately reverts to a time where they had to endure hours of dry, monotone reading. For some, that memory keeps them from ever listening to an audiobook again.

Over the years however, audiobooks have come a long way. Now days, what many producers create in their studios is not merely a book reading. It’s audio entertainment, audio drama, and in some cases full scale audio cinema.

For example, when Siren Audio Studios produces an audiobook, they don’t want the listener to simply hear the book, they want them to experience it. To accomplish this, they employ highly talented voice actors such as , Jessica Osbourne, and

Their performances are then combined with the many tools available in audio digital software, in order to create realistic scenes, conversations and interactions. Because of Siren Audio Studios’ commitment to quality, the listener is sure to enjoy hours of excellent entertainment.

Depending on the listener’s preference, there are several different genres to choose from. They can get lost in the full cast romantic tale of “Angel in My Arms”, or nervously await the outcome in the mystery of “Symptoms of Death”. If they prefer laughter, then “Sid Guy:Private Eye” will certainly deliver, or if it’s historical drama they’re looking for, then look no further than “FightsBear”.

To find out more about these audiobooks or others that are available, click on the corresponding cover art photos on the home page, or visit Siren Audio Studios.

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Visit Goodreads to enter for your chance to win a copy of “Symptoms of Death” written by Paula Paul and narrated by Jessica Osbourne, or the full cast production of “Angel in My Arms” written by Sarah Storme.

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Audiobook Giveaways!


If you want to win an excellent audiobook that will give you hours of entertainment, then you have come to the right place. Siren Audio Studios is sponsoring two giveaways on Goodreads.

Audiobook Giveaway #1

symptoms of death

Enter today for your chance to win a copy of the newly released mystery Symptoms of Death, written by Paula Paul and narrated by Jessica Osbourne.

Although Symptoms of Death is a single reader, it was produced to sound like a multi-cast production. Because of Jessica Osbourne’s exceptional ability to switch between characters, most listeners would never know that she was the only narrator.

Her performance in Symptoms of Death was so superb in fact, that she was selected to perform at the Hear Now Festival’s Audio Vaudeville presentation in June 2014.

Symptoms of Death sample:


Contest ends on August 15. Enter today!


Audiobook Giveaway #2


Angel in My Arms will soon be released as an Android and iPhone app, and we want to celebrate by giving away 3 copies! This book was written for Audio Cinema by Sarah Storme and is an audio original by Siren Audio Studios.

The authenticity of the characters and depth of emotion in this beautifully written story demanded a production equal to the storytelling. Angel in My Arms, with its weaving of voices and mixing of textures and musical score, ventures into new territory in the field of audio romance.

Angel in My Arms sample:


Contest ends on August 21st. Enter today!


For a complete catalog of audiobooks visit Siren Audio Studios.

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Audiobook Giveaway Starts Today!

symptoms of death

To celebrate the newly released audiobook Symptoms of Death, Siren Audio Studios is giving away 3 free copies. Written by Paula Paul and narrated by Jessica Osbourne, Symptoms of Death delivers six hours of excellent entertainment.

For more details, and for your chance at winning a free audio copy of Symptoms of Death, visit Goodreads or click the ‘enter to win’ link in the right column.

Enjoy, and tell your friends so they can enter too!


Symptoms of Death is also available for purchase on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. You can also get it as an app on Google Play for only $7.99.

For a full catalog of audiobooks, please visit Siren Audio Studios.

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Letter From The Author – Paula Paul

symptoms of death

It’s not often that an author has the opportunity to share with their audience the thoughts and feelings that go into their writing. When they do however, it greatly enhances the connection between them and the reader. Our goal today is to help build that connection.

Paula Paul has spent the majority of her life writing, and has gained a great audience while doing so. Recently, she decided to take a leap and try something new by having her book Symptoms of Death produced as an audiobook.

Because of this new experience, we wanted to give Paula Paul the opportunity to share with you her thoughts behind the audiobook process and a few of her writing goals.

Paula Paul

Paula Paul

Dear Readers and Listeners,

Symptoms of Death is the first of my twenty-seven novels to become an audio book, and of course I am excited about its debut because it gives me an opportunity to connect with even more readers/listeners.

It was a definite learning process for me to have the book produced as an audio book. I knew nothing about the process, and I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the technical skills and creativity that goes into producing an audio book. Linda Roybal, the producer, and Jessica Osbourne, the narrator, are true artists.

Connecting with others, as I mentioned above, seems particularly important to me at the present moment since I recently lost my husband to a serious illness. It made me realize how precious life is and how important it is for the entire world to remain connected in what I hope is a peaceful and respectful way. A story like Symptoms of Death, is meant to give readers/listeners a few hours of escape from the real world and engagement with intriguing characters and events all born in my imagination. While there are some gritty moments in the story, there is always hope that everything comes out all right in the end.

I have other books in the series that I think will interest readers, and I am currently working on one that will be published soon. I have fallen in love with the characters in this series, even the bad guys. That’s what I want you to do—fall in love with them. I’d also like for you to let me know if you have any questions or comments about these characters. Be assured that I haven’t told you everything I know about them in this first book. There is so much to learn about all of the people of Newton-Upon-Sea and so many adventures waiting for you as well as for them.

Paula Paul

To learn more about Paula Paul and her works, please visit her website.

Symptoms of Death is now available at Amazon, Audiobooks, Audible, iTunes, Midwest Tapes, and EBSCO. For android users, it can also be purchased as an app on Google Play.

For more information on audiobook production and for a complete catalog of their audiobooks, please visit Siren Audio Studios.


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Author Interview – Paula Paul

Paula Paul

We are honored today to be interviewing the author of the newly released audiobook, Symptoms of Death. Please welcome Paula Paul.

Hello Paula, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

It must have been around the fourth or fifth grade when I decided I wanted to be a writer. Up until that time I wanted to be a librarian because I thought that meant I could just sit in the library and read all day. Once I realized that wasn’t the case, I changed my plan. The plan had to have something to do with books, since I was a chronic reader.

Your biography states that you used to be a journalist. Going from journalist to a full-time author is quite a change. What inspired you to make that move?

That was all part of “the plan” that began to take more definite shape by the time I got to high school. I thought journalism sounded like such an interesting career. It involved writing, and it would give me license, in a sense, to ask questions about things I didn’t understand or know about. Then, after a few years as a journalist, I would write books full time. I followed that plan, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I loved being a newspaper reporter, and it was every bit as exciting as I expected.

Then, when I decided to have children, I thought that would be a good time to start writing fiction. There were a lot of hurdles to overcome. First, children take time. It was hard to find an hour or so every day to write, but I managed somehow. It’s not easy to write with a baby in your arms, especially one that grabs at the typewriter keys and bends them. (That was in the days before computers.)

Next, since I had been a journalist for several years, I had to overcome making everything I wrote sound like a news story. That took re-educating myself by reading books about writing, talking to other writers, reading with a critical eye, and practice, practice, practice.

I see that you’ve written several books. Do you have a favorite genre?

Literary fiction has always been my favorite, although I find it harder to write and definitely harder to sell. It’s harder to write because there is no set formula as there is for mysteries. It’s harder to sell because few people like to read it. I also have a particular fondness for historical fiction. I love making characters come alive in historical settings.

Symptoms of Death is the first of three books in the Dr. Alexandra Gladstone Series, correct? Where did the idea for this series come from?

Yes, it’s the first book in the series. I’ve written two others, and I have a contract at this time to write two more. The idea evolved after an editor contacted my agent and told her he wanted me to write a historical mystery series. He had seen some of my work and apparently liked it. I agreed to do it, so he contacted me and told me I could choose any historical period I wanted, and I could choose any setting except the American West. It seems stories set in the West weren’t selling well at that time.

That presented a problem for me in that I’ve spent all of my life living in the American West, and I know the area and history quite well. I thought that if I wrote about the Eastern U.S. all of the New York editors who live there would know the subject better than I, so I chose England. That wasn’t too big a leap since I have always loved English writers from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Without adding spoilers, can you give us an insight into your main character?

Once I started research into the late nineteenth century, it became more obvious than ever to me how women were considered second-class citizens. Having Alexandra become a doctor, I decided, would add a dimension of turmoil in her life, since it was somewhat scandalous for a woman to choose that profession. It would also require courage, which was something she would need if she was to solve crimes.

I didn’t want to make her too young because I wanted to have some wisdom and experience that comes with a few years. Trained mostly by her late father since some areas of medical school were forbidden to women, she is a good doctor with a great deal of insight into the psychology of her patients. This is partly because she’s spent most of her life in the village of Newton-Upon-Sea.

She is unconventional in that she chose medicine as a profession and because she sees her servant, Nancy, in a more egalitarian light than most people of her class. That unconventionality also aids her in solving crimes. There are some surprising aspects of her past that have shaped her, some that even her father never knew about, but they are revealed slowly in the course of the series so that she becomes a more fully-dimensioned person as the series develops. The same is true for other recurring characters in the books.

What prompted your decision to have Symptoms of Death made into an audiobook?

Ever since the days of “books on tape” I have wanted to have as many of my books as possible made into audio books because I wanted to reach as many readers (or listeners) as possible. I didn’t know how to go about doing that until a fellow writer told me about Siren Studios, and I decided to contact them.

How does it feel to hear one of your stories performed in audio theater?

Of course it’s exciting to hear your words come to life but it’s a little like sending your child off to her first day of school. That’s because the work is now influenced by other people’s take on the project, and it is no longer just your baby.

Do you plan on having the other books in the series produced as audiobooks also, or is it too early to say?

Certainly. I want as many of my books as possible produced as audio books, because I want to reach as broad an audience as possible. A movie or TV series would be nice, too.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers and listeners?

Something that is important to me is to get feedback from readers or listeners. I want to know what you like and what you don’t like about what I write. Without knowing that, I can’t grow as a writer. That’s not to say that I will take every suggestion to heart. The creative process doesn’t allow that. However, I certainly want to consider every tidbit of praise or criticism I can get.

Paula, it has been a great honor to have you here today. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us.

To find out more about Paula Paul and her works, please visit her website.

symptoms of death

Symptoms of Death can be purchased on Amazon, Audiobooks, Audible, iTunes, Midwest Tapes, and EBSCO. For android users, it can also be purchased as an app on Google Play.

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Symptoms of Death – Audiobook App

symptoms of death

For all android users and audiobook lovers, we have an app for you! Symptoms of Death has gone mobile. This exceptional mystery offers 6 hours of entertainment for only $7.99, and now you can listen to it directly from your smart phone.

Written by Paula Paul and narrated by Jessica Osbourne, Symptoms of Death is an audiobook you will not soon forget. With its movie quality sound and superb voice narration, this audio drama is sure to keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Symptoms of Death welcomes you to join in on the mystery.

Come along with the nobles as they gather at the country estate of the Fifth Earl of Dunsford where a killer stalks the gilded halls. Each of the guests has a secret vendetta against the Earl, but when he’s found murdered in his bed, the lords and ladies flee, placing the blame on a servant.

The village’s lady doctor, Alexandra Gladstone, discovers evidence to the contrary and finds herself trapped in a web of scandal, deceit, and ghostly appearances that could cost her her life.

Are you ready for more?

This book can be yours for only $7.99. Get it now on at the Google Play store.

Google App SOD

For more details and for a complete catalog of audiobooks, please visit Siren Audio Studios.


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New Audiobook Release – Symptoms of Death

symptoms of death

We are happy to announce the release of Symptoms of Death, written by Paula Paul and narrated by Jessica Osbourne. This excellent audio performance will keep you on your toes and entertained for hours.

For audiobook lovers, Symptoms of Death is a real treat. The plot and the superb audio performance combine to make this audiobook into a theatrical masterpiece. This is an audiobook you will not want to stop listening to.

Although Symptoms of Death had one narrator, you would never know it by listening. Not only is Jessica Osbourne’s performance outstanding, but each of her characters were made to overlap each other where necessary. The layering of the characters’ voices make it sound as if there is a room full of people. This also allows the characters to interact with each other just as they would in real life. Also adding to the realistic feel, are the characters’ ability to interrupt each other in conversation.

For your listening pleasure, please enjoy this audio sample of Symptoms of Death.


Do you want to hear more? You can download this new release today at Audible,, Amazon, and iTunes. For CD orders, send an email to

To find out more and for a complete catalog of audiobooks, please visit Siren Audio Studios.


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Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

symptoms of death

Did you mark your calendars yet? If not, it’s not too late. The new audiobook release of Symptoms of Death, written by Paula Paul will be released tomorrow, July 24th.

This is an audio theater masterpiece. As one audiobook lover said, “this performance is like dying and going to heaven.”

What is the story line of Symptoms of Death?

When the old country doctor of Newton-upon-Sea passed away, he left his daughter Alexandra the secrets of his trade. Now, the village depends on its lady-doctor Gladstone for its births, deaths, and all the inconveniences in between.

At a small gathering at Dunsford Hall, every guest seems in possession of a title, land-and a secret vendetta against the host. And so, when their “dear Eddie” is found murdered in his own bed, the lords and ladies point to a helpless servant and flee the scene. But Dr. Alexandra Gladstone finds evidence in her autopsy suggesting otherwise. And the not-so-noble reactions to her inquiries have the good doctor wondering if she hasn’t struck a nerve. ~ Goodreads

In the audiobook industry, hearing is believing.

So now that you know what the story’s about, here’s an audio sample for you to enjoy.

What you just heard is only a taste of what you can expect with this exceptional audiobook production. Look for the release tomorrow. In the meantime, please check out the complete catalog of audiobooks at Siren Audio Studios.


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Audiobook Coming Soon – Symptoms of Death

symptoms of death

Mark your calendars! The audiobook release of Symptoms of Death, written by Paula Paul is Thursday, July 24th. This highly rated mystery is the first book of the Dr. Alexandra Gladstone Series, and also the first of the series to be turned into an audio theater production.

Symptoms of Death was produced like a multi-reader, even though it was performed by only one narrator, Jessica Osbourne. Siren Audio Studios took the performance and made a track for each character, so that they could overlap where necessary. They were also able to layer the actor’s voice to make it sound like there was a room full of people. This made it possible for characters to interrupt each other and have the feel of real conversations, even though it was only read by one narrator.

Jessica Osbourne’s audio performance in Symptoms of Death is exceptional. Just wait until you hear the whole room of characters laughing all at once. You would never know by listening, that all of that laughter is from one person.

When you hear this production, you will be blown away! It is a real treat for audiobook lovers. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, listen to this audio sample:

Excited yet? We are! Don’t forget to mark your calenders. In the meantime, please visit Siren Audio Studios for their complete catalog of audiobooks.

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